Rules & Information

How To Play

1. Register online at where you will fill in your email address and mobile number, as well as pay your £10* entry fee.

2. Before the start of the tournament you will receive a link to the first round fixtures. Out of the fixtures sent, you will need to send your team selection before the deadline* either via text or email to 07422128769 or, respectively. The online table will be updated and go live BEFORE the first game of said round has kicked-off. A copy of the table will also be sent out via email.

3. If your selected team wins, you progress to the next round and the format is repeated. Those whos selection loses or draws are knocked out of the tournament.

4. The catch is that you can't use the same team more than once (unless you manage to get through all 20 Premier League teams, where your selection list will refresh).

5. The winner is the last man standing, who takes the tournament jackpot. If in the final round all participants are knocked out, the jackpot is shared between those in said round.

Any questions regarding rules, please drop us a message at